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SkyTab POS

All-in-One POS Platform Created Just for Restaurants

Running a business, your plate is full. SkyTab POS Station is designed to help in so many ways: Speeding up transactions. Simplifying daily tasks. Securely accepting the latest payments. Making your plate a lot lighter.

 SkyTab Mobile

Mobile allows you to take orders and accept credit card payments anywhere you go. The wireless data service is even free.

Create more loyal fans by giving them a better rewards experience with our built-in marketing.

Prevent negative online reviews by addressing any issues before the customer leaves.

SkyTab Glass

The software is identical to the POS station, so there is no learning curve.

Say goodbye to the mistakes with the kitchen that comes from handwriting your guest’s checks.

If you care about the dining experience in your restaurant, tableside experiance will definitely modernize it.

Kitchen Display (KDS)

Intuitive interface

Large 22” display

Touchscreen controls


SkyTab POS is just the start.

Marketplace Apps

Increase your POS capabilities with third-party apps.

All the apps you wish you had, plus some, are available in our marketplace.


The sky is the limit when you add apps that create more revenue and profits.


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